Robbinsdale Area Schools

SEA Fall Fun Run

Starting Monday, September 19th our SEA Fundraiser begins! 

Go to this website today!

Be sure to attend our in-person event, the Fall Fun Run, on Saturday, October 1st, 9:30am to 11:00am.

Thank you for helping the SEA community and our learning efforts. The PTA has a goal of $20,000 as a school. That breaks down to about $1,112 per classroom. We can do this! There will be both individual and classroom rewards for fundraising and registration efforts! 

On the website, you can...

  • register your student and be ready to start raising funds for SEA on 9/19
  • find details about fundraising rewards 
  • find details about the Fun Run activities on 10/1
  • keep track of your student's fundraising efforts.