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5th Grade Families: Middle School Enrollment Survey

5th Grade Families: Middle School Enrollment Survey


GRADE 5 Only:  It is that time of the year, when families make decisions about enrollment for middle school (Grade 6) for the 2023-24 school.  

SEA Grade 5 teachers sent this survey out in early February to gather SEA school information regarding where our current Grade 5 students will be attending next year for middle school. (SEA’s feeder school is FAIR-Crystal).   

This information will help us prepare for the transition to middle school.  It is not a required district form as it is only used internally at SEA.  

*Please disregard if you have already filled out the survey form sent by the SEA office or Grade 5 teachers in early February.  

Your communication and partnership is greatly appreciated.

Grade 5 Teachers & Principal Hanson