Robbinsdale Area Schools

Device Collection for K-5 In-Person Learners

Dear Elementary Families,

There are less than 10 weeks of school left! Our scholars have done an amazing job this year, and we are excited to continue seeing them learn and grow over these next few months. Please note, the information included below applies to in-person learners.

Our technology staff and media specialists will need to update, refurbish and prep more than 11,000 devices in the coming months to be redeployed next school year -- as we are now a fully 1-to-1 district. This means as we prepare for the end of the school year, elementary students will need to leave their Chromebooks and iPads at school. 

Devices will be kept in the classroom, and will no longer be able to be brought home (with exceptions for students who need to quarantine). 

Dates of when devices should be brought to school are listed below.

  • Grades 3-5: Chromebooks, chargers and accessories should be brought to school by Wednesday, April 14. This date coincides with MCA and MTAS assessments.
  • Kindergarten-Grade 2: iPads, chargers and accessories should be brought to school beginning Monday, May 3 for 2nd grade; and beginning Monday, May 10 for Kindergarten and 1st grade. 
  • Elementary students in 281 Distance Learning School will return their devices and accessories at the end of the school year. More information will be shared in May.

Students should bring their chargers to school, as well as any other school district accessories such as the Chromebook case, iPad kickstand, hotspot and hotspot charger. If other students in your family need the hotspot, however, you are allowed to keep it at home through the end of the school year.

We appreciate your support and partnership in returning these devices back to school.